World Languages

The World Languages department at Kehillah provides students with a rich variety of course offerings in four different languages: French, Hebrew, Spanish and Latin. Each student at Kehillah is required to take two consecutive years of a foreign language; three years or more of study are strongly encouraged.

All our language courses provide students with a solid academic foundation in the grammar and syntax of the target language while simultaneously focusing on the four language skills: reading, writing, listening comprehension, and speaking. These skills are practiced and reinforced through a variety of in-class activities and projects (including interviews, exposure to French, Spanish, or Israeli newspapers and television programming, presentations, skits, story-telling, listening to music, and working with interactive online resources, to name just a few). Such activities are designed to engage as many different learning styles as possible and also to encourage students toward their ultimate goal of being able to communicate comfortably with native speakers.

In addition, our World Language courses introduce students to different cultural and historical aspects of the various communities which speak each language. Courses routinely include units on material culture (art and architecture, e.g.) and discussion of current events. Our students are thus challenged and encouraged to take what they learn from their language studies and apply it to the culturally and linguistically diverse world beyond the classroom walls.

Language Teachers:
Ms. Ronit Balan
Ms. Einav Cohen
Dr. Sabine Dazin
Ms. Teresa Fradejas
Dr. Herminia Gil Guerrero
Dr. Sarah Janda


Spanish Class

Spanish Game