Student 2009-10 course enrollment sheets were included in a packet mailed to families on June 25, 2009 (stapled to the Summer Assignments document).

The pdf to the right contains the 2009-2010 Books/Supplies list.  Please make sure to purchase the exact books listed for your classes on the 2009-2010 Book/Supply List.  No other ISBN number will be acceptable.  Please order your books by the beginning of August in order to ensure that all books arrive before the beginning of school.

To ensure that you purchase the correct books, go to Kehillah’s online bookstore: http://bookstore.mbsdirect.net/kehillah.htm.  Click on "Order My Books" and  "Shop by Course" (NOT "Fastpass Ordering").   Please note that some books should only be purchased as "new" (i.e., no highlights, writing, etc.).



2009-10 Booklist